Do you love Royal Tiara? Best Reproduction Tiara Buying Guide !!!!

On a special day, a Tiara can enhance your appearance by many folds. No one can stop themselves from noticing the princess/queen of the party.

One of the most popular Tiara of Queen Victoria’s reign is a sapphire and diamond Tiara. The Tiara was designed by Prince Albert for Victoria on their wedding year 1840. It is mounted with eleven sapphire set in gold and diamond set in silver.

Queen Victoria’s Sapphire and Diamond Tiara
Wedding Engagement Silver Diamond Tiara Victorian Style
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Since then, every bride wants to look pretty and royal on their wedding day as wedding is very special moment in one’s life. So, bride wants to dress up like royal queen and Tiara is one of the most important hair /Head jewelry which fulfil her dream to be queen.

There are many options available in my online store where you can shop reproduction diamond Tiara of Victorian Style. These Tiaras are made of sterling silver with rose cut real diamond. We use gold plating polish instead of gold to give the perfect look and also maintain the price of these Tiaras within affordable range.

Our Royal Tiara reproduction design will give you a look of a perfect queen/princess and its pocket friendly also as it is around $500 to $1500.

How to Select a Tiara:

According to me, one of the most important aspect for selecting Tiara is to select the design according to your face type. A pointed Tiara design is perfect for a round face, while a round Tiara design is suitable for long face.

Popularity of Tiara:

In the past time Tiara was only for royal families but now a days it is often wear by actresses in film and on red carpet. Brides also prefer to wear Tiara with her wedding gown. So, if you are dreaming of wearing a royal style Tiara on your big day and any of your special occasion…..Find stunning wedding Tiaras, bold bride Tiaras, birthday gift Tiaras and anniversary surprise Tiaras at “” an online store.

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Snake Jewelry


I am Vandana , a jewelry designer and online luxury jewelry seller .Today finally I got a platform where I can share my views with other people who is searching for a new topic or want to discuss all about jewelries. Today I am choosing the topic “SNAKE JEWELRY” a unique jewelry design.

rose cut diamond Silver ring snake jewelry
Rose Cut Diamond Sterling Silver Ring

Snake jewelries has a historical and religion importance with modern era style statement. Snake is symbol of fertility and rebirth in Bibal . Historically, serpent and snakes shows a creative life force or fertility. As snake shed their skin through sloughing ,they are symbol of rebirth and healing.

I am from India and snake ring has vast role in kundli yoga which is called “Kalsarp Yoga”. Often Indian Astrologer suggest to wear snake ring to the person who has this kundli yoga.

The Victorian Era brought snake style jewelry into the lime light after Prince Albert proposed to Queen Victoria with ring in the image of snake featuring an emerald head.

Serpent Style Queen Victoria's Engagement Ring
Serpent Style Queen Victoria’s Engagement Ring

Victorian Era represents snake as eternity love and wisdom. So, snake symbolic meaning is not important ,we can’t deny that snake looks very amazing as jewelry piece. That’s why in modern era jewelry designers using it in every piece of jewelry ;like rings, earrings, brooch, bracelet, Necklace etc.

Personally, I also like these jewelries and you always find snake jewelry collection on my web-store.  Snake jewelries with diamond and fine metal gold or silver enhance its beauty.

Natural Rose Cut Diamond Sterling Silver EarringsPave Diamond Sterling Silver Snake Bracelet